Proud of Nick Jonas on Broadway

Proud of Nick Jonas on Broadway
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I had this idea some days ago and I decided to make this video. I'm really proud of Nick, because he's got everything he wanted to. I wish that Nick Jonas watches this video, because I want him to know that WE, Jonas' fan, are PROUD of him.

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The video used on 0:45 and 0:50 is from BigTimeJonas


I'm proud of Nick Jonas... I'm Proud of him because years ago, Nick was just a Little boy who wanted to perform on Broadway whose dream was being the star of a musical... of a big musical. I'm proud of him because he never gave up. Because he didn't allow problems to stop him. Problems couldn't fight against him. I'm proud because he became a big inspiration for people everywhere. I'm proud of him because he worked hard, because he followed hi

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