Married To Jonas on E!

Married To Jonas on E!
Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle have just landed their own E! reality show! - Subscribe Now! - Like Us! - Follow Us!

The couple's new show, which is appropriately titled "Married to Jonas," will give viewers a peek inside their two-year-old marriage and life in New Jersey.

And, if you were wondering if Nick and Joe would make be making any cameos... the show will also chronicle the Jo Bros are they head back into the studio to work on their upcoming album.

The show is being produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions, and, of the show, Ryan told QUOTE "Our production team became curious about what life would be like for a young bride entering the excitement, and sometimes chaos, of a pop star's life. Looking through the lens of young love, the show will examine the ups and downs of Dani and Kevin's marriage, against the backdrop of their contrasting fam

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