Nick Jonas - Fly With Me

Nick Jonas - Fly With Me
Nick Jonas and Jasmine V

Century City Microsoft Store Ceremony Opening Concert

Los Angeles, California


I get asked a lot what camera I use, so please check my page on the FAQ section and the model number is there!

This song is too adorable for words. One of my favorite songs from LVTT. I think it's cute how it's about Danielle :)

His girlfriend, Delta Goodrem, was at the concert, probably sitting at the sound booth. I kind of expected that she'd be there. It sucks that both times I met him, he has to have a girlfriend -__- Haha. But as long as he's happy, I am totally fine with whomever he dates.

Nick was soooo amazing and soooo talented! He did an acoustic set, and I think he sings acoustically the best. Just the control of his notes and everything! He's even more amazing in person and he asked me questions and thanked me for coming out, so of course I responded, but I couldn't say what I wanted to say to him

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