The Jonas Brothers and their Adorable Laughs

The Jonas Brothers and their Adorable Laughs
My friend asked me to make this video since she is obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and their adorable laughs. :)

By the way, it was a little difficult to find enough clips of Joe laughing because he is always the one to make everybody ELSE laugh, while he himself has this amazing ability to keep a straight face (almost) all the time. So sorry if there's less clips of him than Kevin and Nick. But don't worry, I think I still found plenty of good clips of Joe. ;) And I think Kevin has the most clips in here since his were the easiest to find, lol.

So... enjoy. :) (Watch the WHOLE THING. Yes, they ALL have a section in this video).

BY THE WAY, the video with the girl dancing around on stage is called "Hello Beautiful PROM QUEEN 7/11 Savannah!" since everybody seems to be asking for it.

Yay, an honor!

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Haha, sweet. Number 76 baby.

Wow, this video is way

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