"Out Of This World" Jonas Brothers *NEW* UK Bonus Track

"Out Of This World" Jonas Brothers *NEW* UK Bonus Track

This is not the full version, it's just a preview but the full version is out now and I have uploaded it, so go on my page or click this link: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=31iVtqFGNZ4

(download link in description) ^^

From what I know this is NOT going to be on the album 'A Little Bit Longer' it was a bonus track for the UK only on the 'Jonas Brothers' album!


I ripped this from a site previewing the album for its UK release. So it's just a preview, but a long enough one to know how good the song is. I put clips together from the special CDVU+ feautures from the album itself :)

So what do you think of this song?

I think for once it's great to live in the UK cos we get this amazing song as a bonus! haha! :)

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?x9cnoeinnmt

PLEASE CREDIT ME! Also do not take my video. So many people have re-uploaded it when I made it myself

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