Jonas Brothers; Dear Santa...

Jonas Brothers; Dear Santa...
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Dear Santa Claus,

I'm not the best girl in this world and I know it.

But, please... Don't take this of me. Don't take the best part of my life away.

Please, protect them and make them happy, together or not.

They're the best part of my life, they're my heroes and they still saving my life everyday in different ways. Make their dreams come true in the same way they made my dreams come true. And make them smile everyday, because if they smile I smile... Don't let anyone to tear them down.

Please, bring them back to me once again... and please don't take them away from my heart and make this feeling last forever, because I love and I need the Jonas Brothers..

With love,

A Jonas' fan.


Voice: @LucyBornThisWay [Follow her]

Thanks for watching and MERY CHRISTMAS!!!

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